Weld Crew vs. Worcester High School

Tomorrow morning the Weld crew will race the Worcester High School crew over a mile and a half course on Lake Quinsigamond. The squad will leave Cambridge this afternoon and spend the night in Worcester.

The Weld crew has only been made up since the class races about two weeks ago; and consists entirely of men who rowed on the Junior and Sophomore crews, with the exception of the coxswains, Dutton of the Senior crew and Fales of the Freshman crew. It is not decided yet which coxswain will be used. Under Mr. Brown's coaching the crew has improved rapidly, but there has not been time for complete development.

The order of the Weld crew will be:

Stroke, Martin: 7, Maclcod; 6, Hill; 5, Rackemann; 4, Butler; 3, Richards; 2, Maxwell; bow, Vaughan; cox., Fales or Dutton.