First Practice for Dormitory Crews

The candidates for the various dormitory crews reported yesterday at their respective boathouses for the first day's work. The Weld, Thayer, and Mr. Auburn street crews were the only ones which went out from the Newell boathouse and of these Thayer showed the best form. The material at the Newell boathouse yesterday seemed to be far inferior to that of former years. First and second crews from Randolph-Ridgely-Russell, four scrub crews, and one crew from Claverly rowed from the Weld boathouse. Claverly was easily better than the others in from and promises to be up to the high standard which Claverly crews have always maintained since dormitory rowing was started. Hereafter Randolph-Ridgely-Russell will row from the Weld boathouse, while Westmorly and Mr. Auburn street have been transferred to the Newell. All men are requested to watch the notice column of the CRIMSON for any change in the rowing hour, otherwise they will report at the same time as yesterday. More men are urged to come out for this work, as everybody who reports is sure to have an opportunity to row in the races.