First Price Greenleaf Fund Awards

The Committee on Scholarships and Other Financial Aids has assigned aid from the Price Greenleaf Fund for the academic year 1909-10 to the following members of the Freshman class. A second assignment will be made in February, on the basis of the grades received by applicants at the mid-year examinations. The following have been assigned aid:

T. E. Alcorn, of Springfield; C. R. Baker, of Warren, O.; C. L. Bartlett, of Indianapolis, Ind.; R. Beatley, of Roxbury; F. O. Bergquist, Sp., of Morgan Park, Ill.; S. F. Blake, of Stoughton; H. G. Borchardt, of Meriden, Conn.; C. J. Chamberlin, of Beverly; B. L. Chase, of Niagara Falls, N. Y.; P. Dennett, of Fitchburg; G. W. Dennis, of Loveland, Colo.; D. E. Dunbar, of Springfield; R. W. Eckfeldt, of Concord; H. L. Gaddis, of Trudeau, N. Y.; H. G. Gault, of Flint, Mich.; W. Gleason, of Gardner; H. R. Goodwin, of Claremont, N. H.; C. M. Gordon, of Brookline; W. C. Hall, of Baltimore, Md.; W. A. Hamlin, of Ludlow, Vt.; A. W. Hanson, of Boston; F. W. Harvey, of New Rochelle, N. Y.; W. G. Hill; of Jamaica Plain; R. A. Hull, of Dorchester; John Hornicek, of Prisnotitz, Moravia, Austria-Hungary; D. L. Jenkins, Jr., of Atlanta, Ga.; J. S. Hutchinson, of West Haven, Conn.; G. W. F. Keller, of Aneram, N. Y.; J. S. Kennard, Jr., of Tarrytown, N. Y.; A. E. Landerholm, of Portland, Ore.; G. E. Lane, of Dorchester; H. Levine, of Boston; R. P. Lewis, of Walpole; C. B. Long, of Indianapolis, Ind.; C. Loy, of Honolulu, H. T.; L. W. McKernan, of Ridley Park, Pa.; A. D. McKillop, of Lynn; H. A. Mereness, of Wharton, N. J.; C. S. Matzger, of Ionia, Mich.; F. S. Miley, of Newton; S. B. Morison, of Minneapolis, Minn.; R. C. Olmstead, of Glen Ellyn, Ill.; G. N. Phillips, of Middletown Springs, Vt.; E. E. Reilly, of Jamaica Plain; H. F. Root, of Ottumwa, Ia.; H. C. Shaw, of Dorchester; L. B. Siegfried, of Montclair, N. J.; G. S. Torrey, of Providence, R. I.; J. E. Slater, of Winter Hill; H. G. Smith, of Ardmore, Pa.; J. K. Tebbets, of North Adams; G. N. Thompson, of E. Lexington; B. N. Versilosky, of E. Boston; R. P. Wade, of Lima, Ind.; C. T. Webb, of Detroit, Mich.; L. G. Woodruff, of Roxbury.