Hard 1913 Football Practice

The Freshman football team was put through a long, hard practice yesterday in an endeavor to eradicate some of the faults which came to light in the Groton game. The practice began with a short drill in tackling the dummy. This was followed by a long session in kicking, in which Frothingham, Lewis and Marsh punted to the first team's backs, with the second string backs forming the interference against the ends. Later, several new plays were tried out, and the coaches illustrated breaking through the line. Eckfeldt, Goodale, Keays and Meiss were excused from practice on account of injuries. Though the line-up was changed afterwards, the first team started signal practice as follows: l.e., Hollister; l.t., Lingard; l.g., Driscoll; c., Cutler; r.g., Godfrey; r.t., Felton; r.e., Chadwick; q.b., Gardner; l.h.b., Graustein; r.h.b., Wendell; f.b., Lewis.