Yale Plays Holy Cross Today

New Haven, Conn., October 5, 1909.--Yale will play the third game of its schedule this afternoon with Holy Cross. The Holy Cross team is not up to the Standard of their teams in past years, and is very light. Yale has improved considerably in the two days of practice since the Syracuse game.

Yesterday's practice consisted of a long drill in formations, running back punts and a scrimmage. During the scrimmage the first team scored three touchdowns and Daly kicked a pretty field goal from the 25-yard line. The second team was held at all times.

S. B. Thorne '96 and B. Chamberlin '97 joined the coaching staff. The Yale line-up for today's game is: l.e., Kilpatrick; l.t., Hobbs; l.g., Cooney; c., Francis; r.g., Goebel; r.t., Lilley; r.e., Logan; q.b., Johnson; l.h.b., Field; r.h.b., Messenger; f.b., Philbin.