The officers of the Junior class have made unusual and very commendable efforts to have the election today a record-breaking one in point of votes. In some respects the Junior and Sophomore years are "off years," or at least they have had that reputation in other classes. The element of newness that pervades the elections in Freshman year, and the finality that attends Senior elections, are both lacking.

It is a misapprehension, however, to consider the elections of these years unimportant. The men chosen today will hold office well into Senior year, and will have some of the most important of Senior duties to perform. The president will have the appointment of the Junior dance committee, which will manage the most important social event in the undergraduate life of the class with the single exception of Class Day.

In former elections men have neglected to vote through indifference or because they had no notice. This time every Junior has been personally notified, and the class should take pride in making the election a thoroughly representative one.