Wagons Will Call at Dormitories During Afternoon For Contributions.

During this morning the members of the University will have their last opportunity to contribute to the collection of old clothes, magazines, and text-books that is being carried on under the auspices of the Phillips Brooks House Association. The wagons will call during the early part of the afternoon at each of the dormitories where a collection has been made. The collectors who have been appointed for the various dormitories will not call at the rooms in person as has been done in past years. Instead, cards have been sent to each person, designating a room conveniently located in the dormitory where contributions may be left. Men in boarding houses not assigned on the list that was published in Monday's CRIMSON are asked to leave their contributions in the nearest dormitory.

The clothing collection will be sent to worthy charitable institutions and the magazines will be distributed among hospitals, reading rooms and charity homes. The text-books will be added to the special text-book loan library in Brooks House. The books used in the larger courses such as Government 1, History 1 and Economics 1 are most needed.