Yale-Pennsylvania Boat Race Today

This afternoon at 4 o'clock the university eights of Pennsylvania and Yale will race over the two-mile course on the Schuylkill river in Philadelphia. As a preliminary to this event there will be a race between the second crews of the two universities. Clement B. Wood '98 will act as referee.

The orders of the crews will be:

Pennsylvania--Stroke, Ballard; 7, Braddock; 6, Captain Shoemaker; 5, Walton; 4, Breitenger; 3, Shelling; 2, Rogers; bow, Hoagland; cox., Westcott.

Yale--Stroke, Captain Howe; 7, Mills; 6, Hyde; 5, Wodell; 4, Wallis; 3, Brainerd; 2, Glenny; bow, Rice; cox., Gass.