Will Speak with E. C. Carter '00 at Bible-Study Conference Tonight at 7.

President Eliot and Mr. E. C. Carter '00, of New York, who, for several years was the representative of the Harvard Mission in India, and is now secretary of the student department of the Young Men's Christian Association in North America, will speak at a Bible-study conference to be held under the auspices of the Christian Association in Appleton Chapel this evening at 7 o'clock. President Eliot's subject will be "The Place of the Bible in the Spiritual Development of a Man," and Mr. Carter's "The Influence of the Bible in India." Professor J. H. Ropes '89, Bussey Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation, will lead the devotional exercises, and members of the Glee Club will be present to aid in the singing.

After Mr. Carter was graduated from the University, he held the position of graduate secretary of Phillips Brooks House for two years. At the end of this term he left for India, where he took up his residence in Calcutta, to act as national secretary in India for the Young Men's Christian Association, and has been supported largely by the Harvard Mission. Last year he was recalled to work among the student associations of colleges in North America.

The conference tonight marks the close of a systematic effort made this year to extend the study of the Bible throughout the University. During the year there have been definitely enrolled in Bible-study groups, either in dormitory or church classes, some 500 men. This number includes those registered in all departments of the University.