Charles VII,Dallas Anderson Queen Isabel, his mother,  Dorothy Dorr Agnes Sorel, his mistress,  Beatrice Agnew Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy,  Wilfrid North Earl Dunois, bastard of Orleans,  E. Hales La Hire, royal officer,  Lumsden Hare Du Chatel, royal officer,  Frank Burbeck Archbishop of Rheims,  Gustave von Seyffertitz Faoul, a Lotharingian knight,  J. Malcolm Dunn Talbot, English general,  R. Peyton Carter Lionel, English general,  Martin Sabine Councilor of Orleans,  F. B. Hersome An English herald,  Francis Shannon A squire,  Richard Garrick Thibaut d'Arc, a wealthy countryman,  Louis Massen Margot, his daughter,  Lillian Spencer Loulson, his daughter,  Laura Stanley Joan,  Maude Adams Etienne,  Edward Morrissey Claude Marie, a suitor,  Edward Lewers Raimond, a suitor,  David Torrence Bertrand, another countryman,  Frederic Tyler Apparition of a black knight,  Gustave von Seyffertitz Charcoal burner,  Wallace Jackson