Play Competition to Close Nov. 1

The competition for the Craig Prize in Dramatic Composition will close on November 1. The Prize of $250 is one-half of a gift to the Corporation from Mr. John Craig, lessee and manager of the Castle Square Theatre. The other half of the gift is to be given to the Library for the purchase of books on the history of the English stage.

The plays submitted for this prize may be in three, four, of five acts; and fitness for actual dramatic production will be the standard by which the plays are judged.

Within one year of the acceptance of a play, Mr. Craig undertakes to produce it for one week during the regular season. The prize will take the place of the royalty for that week; and if he decides to continue the run, Mr. Craig will play a royalty of three per cent. of the gross receipts for every week it is continued thereafter. He further agrees to do his best to place with other managers for regular production any play awarded the prize, retaining for himself a quarter interest when the play is produced elsewhere than in his own theatre, For this year the judges will be Mr. John Craig, Mr. Horace, B. Stanton, and Professor G. P. Baker '87.

The competition is open to the University and Radcliffe, and all plays must be handed in to Professor G. P. Baker '87, 195 Brattle street. All intending candidates, upon entering the competition, or when called upon thereafter, must give to Professor Baker of the person representing the University on the committee of judges, such information as shall show their entire good faith. Plays submitted must be the absolute property of the author, and not subject to any copyright or other claim by or in favor of their persons.