Mr. Moody to Give Third of Lectures on "The Social Problem" Today.

Mr. John Moody, of New York, a well-known business man, will deliver the third of the series of lectures that will be given this winter on "The Social Problem and its Remedies," in Emerson D this afternoon at 4.30 o'clock. His subject will be "The Problem in Business." This lecture will be open to the public.

Mr. Moody was engaged in newspaper work until 1890 and in the banking business until 1900, when he founded "Moody's Manual of Railroads and Corporation Securities." He has traveled extensively in Europe and America and is a Y. M. C. A. lecturer on investments. Among the books which Mr. Moody has written are, "The Truth About the Trusts," "A Trip Into Trustdom," and "The Religion of Peace."