Engineering Dinner on March 12

The twelfth annual dinner of the Harvard Engineering Society, given in connection with the Association of Harvard Engineers, will be held in the Assembly Room of the Union on Saturday, March 12, at 6 o'clock. Mr. George S. Rice '70, president of the association and member of the Public Service Commission of New York, will act as toastmaster. Mr. C. P. Steinmetx h.'02, of the General Electric Company of Schenectady, N. Y., Mr. J. R. Freeman, of Providence, R. I., and Mr. C. W. Baker '84, editor of the Engineering News, will speak.

The dinner is open to all graduates and undergraduates of the University. Last year the dinner was a great success, the 150 men present being addressed by several of the foremost authorities on engineering in the country. Its principal importance lies in the great opportunity to meet men who are now successful engineers. Tickets may be obtained of Professor F. L. Kennedy, Pierce 301.