1910 Defeated 1911 in Lacrosse, 2 to 0

The Seniors defeated the Juniors yesterday afternoon on Soldiers Field by a score of 2 to 0 in the first of the series of interclass lacrosse games. Alexander's handling of the ball was decidedly the best displayed by either team and he scored the only goals made during the game--one, towards the end of the first half, after a very clever piece of running and passing with Smith, and the other in the middle of the second half. The Freshmen will play the Sophomores on Tuesday and the winning team of this match will play the Seniors on Thursday.

The summary: 1910.  1911. Cummings, p.  i.h., J. P. Morgan Hickey, c.p.  o.h., Voshell Downer, 1d.  1a., Hodgdon Leonard, 2d.  2a., Johnson, Burrage Parsons, Fornell, 3d.  3a., Munro Alexander, c.  c., Knowlton, Hoyt E. Morgan, 3a.  3d., Nash Farwell, 2a.  2d., Glover, Squibb Smith, 1a.  1d., Newton Shaw, o.h.  c.p., Fitts Martin, i.h.  p., Branch Leavitt, g.  g., Brightman