Cuts in University and 1913 Squads

The fourth cut in the University baseball squad was made at the conclusion of the practice last week, the following fielding candidates being retained: R. H. Aronson '10, I. C. Bolton '12, T. J. Campbell '12, J. P. Carr '11, W. M. Conant '12, J. R. Desha '12, R. P. Frye '10, A. Harvey '11, R. Haydock '10, a. J. Kelley '12, J. P. Kennedy '12, C. L. Lanigan '10, C. B. McLaughlin '11, R. S. Marshall '10, W. M. Minot '11, D. V. O'Flaherty '10, R. S. Potter '12, H. A. Rogers '11, and H. deWindt '12.

The fourth cut in the Freshman baseball squad was made Saturday afternoon. The following battery and fielding candidates were retained: J. P. Bartholf, G. F. Bird, F. G. Blair, W. V. Booth, H. G. Borchardt, H. F. Brown, W. F. Brown, Jr., J. H. Coon, R. G. Ervin, S. M. Felton, A. S. Francis, G. F. Gallert, E. P. Graves, E. C. Hardy, F. C. Holbrook, P. M. Hollister, A. E. Kerrigan. J. S. King, R. P. Lewis, A. Long, A. J. Lowrey, E. R. McCall, Q. A. S. McKean, W. B. Marsh, G. N. Phillips, G. M. Ross, S. T. Steele, Jr., J. A. Sullivan, A. H. Tomes, W. Tufts, A. W. Welch, K. White, A. F. Winter.