Final Freshman Debating Trials

The final trials for the Freshman debating team will be held in Sever 11 this evening at 7.30 o'clock. The six men who were retained from the last trials will hold a debate with ten minutes for speeches and five minutes for rebuttal. The three men chosen for the first team will hold practice debates with the second team until the debate with Yale on April 29. The judges will be H. H. Breland '11, C. S. Collier '11, J. H. Davis '10. and R. H. Smith '10. The men will speak in the following order: affirmative, H. B. Gill, S. M. Seymour, L. B. Siegfried; negative, J. W. Folin, A. A. Berle, G. S. Torrey. In the rebuttal the order will be as follows: negative, A. A. Berle, G. S. Torrey, J. W. Folin; affirmative, L. B. Siegfried, S. M. Seymour, H. B. Gill.