Work of 1913 Crew Squad Reviewed

The order of the Freshman crew during last week was as follows: stroke, Goodale; 7, Parmenter; 6, Cutler; 5, Keays; 4, Lincoln; 3, Moffat; 2, Nelson; bow, Meyer; cox., Abeles.

The crew showed much improvement, being better at the finish and on the swing and also getting a good hold on the water at the catch. The boat is tending every day to become more powerful. When Stratton, who is sick, returns to the boat at 2. Nelson will move to 7. replacing Parmenter who will occupy that position on the second crew. Abeles was temporary coxswain yesterday and will continue so today. The third boat is showing quite good form: in fact, they have been getting together as eight men better than the second crew, though individually they are not so strong. The blade work especially of the second is very poor.