Engravings at Fogg Art Museum

The loan collection of primitive paintings exhibited at the Fogg Art Museum has now been supplemented by an exhibition of fifteenth and sixteenth century engravings in the print-room. These prints have been selected from the collection of the Museum, with additions from Mr. Francis Bullard's collection. It illustrates the development of copperplate engraving from its beginning to the time of the three great sixteenth century masters: Durer, Lucas van Leyden, and Mariautonio Raimondi. The prints shown are remarkable not only for the great beauty of the impressions but also in some instances, for their extreme rarity. The Otto print, for example, is a unique impression, the Assumption of the Virgin is one of only four known impressions, and Pollajuolo's Gladiators, the only plate now believed to have been engraved by the artist, is one of but few impressions known to exist.