Freshman Dinner Tomorrow at 7.30

The Freshman dinner of the class of 1913 will be held at the American House, Hanover street, Boston, tomorrow evening at 7.30 o'clock. F. H. Clark will act as toastmaster and the following responses will be made: "The Class," R. P. Lewis; "Football," P. L. Wendell; "Baseball," S. M. Felton; "Track," H. P. Lawless; "Crew," D. H. Park; "The Dinner," S. Nichols; "Finances," G. H. Roosevelt; "Debating," P. J. Stearns; "Future Reunions," D. C. Parmenter. New class songs by W. R. Burlingame and P. J. Roosevelt will be sung. The decorations for the programs have been designed by W. Dudley and T. Buel.

Because less than half the class have purchased tickets for the dinner, seats may still be secured at the Rendezvous, today. The tickets are $3 each, $1 of which will be returned provided the breakage does not exceed $30. Although the assignment of seats closed on Monday noon, any wishing seats together should present their tickets together to one of the ushers tomorrow evening. Evening dress will not be worn.

There will be a meeting of the men in charge of the various tables at Claverly 2, this afternoon at 1.30 o'clock to make arrangements for the seating. The committee in charge of the dinner is composed of the following men: F. H. Clark, H. C. Everett, Jr., R. G. Ervin, H. B. Gardner, A. M. Goodale, E. A. Graustein, F. W. Hubbell, W. B. Marsh, D. C. Parmenter, G. H. Roosevelt, O. Wolcott, P. L. Wendell.