L. Withington in University Eight

The University crew resumed its regular daily practice yesterday, this being the first work that the men have had since the Annapolis race last Thursday. Only one change was made in the order: Withington replaced Hooper at 4, the latter going to 6 on the second crew. Last year Withington rowed 5 on the University crew. For the first few weeks of the spring practice he rowed at number 4 but, for the past month, he has been out of the boat directing spring football practice. He will be available during the rest of the season and will probably row in the Cornell and Yale races.

Although the water in the Basin was very rough, the crew rowed down to the Union Boat Club in long stretches. Considering the fact that the crew has not been on the water for a week, the practice was satisfactory, though the blade work was hardly up to standard on account of the rough water. Above Longwood Bridge the boat went fairly well.

The management has ordered another English shell from Sims & Sons, exactly like the boat the crew is now using. If the new shell arrives in time, it will be used in the Cornell race.