Scrub Baseball Games this Afternoon

The Squabs defaulted to the Prickly Heats yesterday afternoon in the round robin of the scrub baseball series. The Moulin Rouges and the Bush Leaguers played for only five innings; as the score was tied, the game will be played later. All games with the Shamrocks have been forfeited as the Shamrocks have withdrawn from the series.

Today at 4 o'clock, the Home Runners will play the Squabs on the diamond north of the Freshman diamond, the Nine Muses will play the Bush Leaguers on the Freshman diamond, and the Prickly Heats will play the Armor Plates on the diamond north of the baseball bleachers.

Tomorrow's games are: Nine Muses vs. Home Runners, Midnight Sons vs. Prickly Heats, and Armor Plates vs. Squabs.