Toppan, Sargent, and Sales Prizes

The Toppan Prize of $150 has been awarded to Robert Howard Lord 4G., A.M., of Plano, Ill., for an essay entitled "Austrian Policy and the Second Partition of Poland." The judges were Professor A. C. Coolidge '87 and Professor A. L. Cross '95, of the University of Michigan.

The Sargent Prize of $100 has been awarded to Edward Thomas Eyre Hunt '10, of Mechanicsburg, O., for the best metrical translation of the sixteenth Epode of Horace. The judges were Mr. H. Hagedorn, Jr., '07 and Mr. F. H. Fobes '04.

The Sales prize of $45 has been awarded to Howard Farlowe Kent Cahill '10, of Cambridge, for a translation into Spanish of a passage from the Moorish Chronicles of Washington Irving. The judges were President Lowell, Professor J. D. M. Ford '94, and Mr. G. L. Lincoln '96.