Final and Make-up Examinations

Examinations begin at 9.15 A. M. They must not extend beyond three hours.

"A student who is not in the examination room within five minutes after the hour appointed for the examination shall not be admitted without permission of the instructor or of the officer in general charge of the examinations." Final Examinations Today. Anthropology 1,  Lower Mass. Architecture 5a,  Sever 6 Chemistry 8,  Emerson D Comp. Lit. 10,  Holden Economics 24,  Lawrence 1 Education 5b,  Sever 5 Engineering 1c: Anderson to Kingman (inclusive),  Pierce 209 Lanman to Wright (inclusive),  Pierce 212 English 1,  Harvard 5 English 44,  Harvard 5 Fine Arts 4: Aldrich to Kerper (inclusive),  Sever 17 Le Baron to Wooley (inclusive),  Sever 18 German 1aI,  Sever 29 Greek 9,  Sever 30 History 1: Mr. Benton's sect.,  Upper Mass. Mr. Varrell's sect.,  Upper Mass. Mr. Dale's 3a, 3b,  Sever 35 Mr. Dale's 3c, 3d,  Sever 36 Mr. Jones's sect.,  Harvard 6 History 3b,  Sever 23 Italian 2,  Sever 30 Latin 12,  Sever 30 Mathematics 7,  Holden Metallurgy B,  Pierce 202 Music 2,  Holden Philosophy 24,  Emerson J Physics 6b,  Sever 24 Spanish 1VI,  Sever 24 Final Examinations Monday. Astronomy 2,  Astr. Laboratory Class. Archaeol. 1b,  Pierce 209 Class. Philol. 30,  Sever 18 Comp. Lit. 14,  Sever 24

Economics 1:Mr. Copeland's sect.,  Upper Mass.Dr. Huse's sect.,  Upper Mass.Dr. Holcombe's sect.,  New Lect. HallMr. Sharfman's sect.,  Harvard 6Mr. Usher's sect.,  Lower Mass.Economics 4,  Pierce 202French 1b:H. T. Allen to Mead (inclusive),  Sever 23Paessler to Young (inclusive),  Sever 24French 8,  Harvard 5Government 18,  Emerson DGreek BII,  Sever 30History 7,  Harvard 5Italian 1,  Emerson DMathematics C:Albach to Holmes (inclusive),  Sever 17Hubbell to Whitall (inclusive),  Sever 18Mathematics FII:Abbott to Hedden (inclusive),  Sever 5Heywood to R. W. Wright (inclusive),  Sever 6Mathematics 3,  HoldenMathematics 13,  HoldenMineralogy 12,  Mineral. Lab.Metallurgy 14,  Pierce 209Physics 17,  Sever 30Semitic A5,  Emerson DSemitic A14,  Emerson DZoology 7a,  Pierce 209Zoology 7b,  Pierce 20