Within a day or so the members of the Senior class have received postals asking them to state whether or not they wish to join Professor Royce's course on "Some Present Day Religious Problems of students." It is to be feared that to many men the value of this chance will not be apparent. It should be stated at the outset that this course will not be merely a series of lectures, but will consist of discussions carried on under the direction of Professor Royce. As a basis for these discussions will be the papers which each member of the course will write on his religious beliefs opinions, and problems.

That such a program will prove deeply interesting cannot be doubted. Start a discussion of religion in any gathering of men and the interest that is at once aroused is extraordinary.

Lack of definite religious beliefs should not deter men from joining Professor Royce's course. On the contrary, it is just such men as these that should be able to derive the greatest amount of good from the new course. Indeed, for the average man whose religion is decidedly vague and nebulous, Professor Royce's course offers a unique opportunity to clarify and put into definite form his religious ideas and convictions.