Enrollment for Second Half-Year

In order to take a course that begins in the second half-year students must file petitions unless they have included the course in their list of studies now at the College Office. Each student must enroll at the first meeting of the course on a card furnished by the instructor. For admission to all starred courses and courses "Primarily for Graduates" undergraduates must obtain the written consent of the instructors. This consent may be obtained on petition blanks which are first to be made out and approved at the Office. If, however, the name of the course was written in the list of studies handed in at the opening of the year, such written consent may be obtained on a car furnished by the instructor.

A new enrollment will be taken in the whole courses specified below at the first meeting of each course. Every student who wishes to continue in the following courses should enroll at this meeting: English 22, Economics 18, Education 3b, Greek A, Greek 6, History of Religions 2 and Latin 8.