Light Work for Freshman Team

The Freshman football team was given light practice yesterday afternoon. After a short blackboard talk, the squad was given a drill at the tackling dummies. A dummy scrimmage between the first team and substitute followed, in which particular attention was given to formations for protecting the punter. The first team then held a snappy signal practice. A game was played between the substitutes and the second team which the former won by the score of 10 to 0.

Review of Past Two Weeks' Work.

The Freshman team has shown steady improvement during the past two weeks. This has been especially noticeable in the line, which played very well against Andover. It will be further strengthened by the return to tackle of Trumbull, who has been out of the game with a lame shoulder. There is still a tendency to offside play, Withington being the principle offender in this respect. The ends are both fast and aggressive. Coolidge is light, but very heady and a good tackler and Weatherhead is heavy and a hard worker. All the backs are heavy and fast and with the return of Hardwick the team is assured of a punter of more than ordinary ability.