All Students to Register on Monday of Opening Week of College.--First Meeting of Courses Wednesday and Thursday.

The following changes have been made in the opening of the academic year and in examination periods:

During the opening week every student shall register between 10 A. M. and 6 P. M. on Modnay; instructors shall be on hand for conferences Tuesday morning and afternoon; cards containing the lists of studies shall be handed in not later than 6 P. M. on Tuesday; first meetings of courses shall be on Wednesday and Thursday.

Returns of the grades of all candidates for degrees shall be handed in within seven days after the several final examinations; except that where final examinations are held on the last days of the examination period grades shall be handed in within less than seven days, as may be requested by the Recorder, and in no case later than 9 A. M. of the Monday preceding Commencement Day. Complete returns of grades for all students shall be handed in within two weeks of the close of the examination period.

(It is expected that meetings of the Administrative Boards will be held not later than the evening of the Monday before Commencement, and that the Faculty will meet on the following Tuesday morning).

The June admission examinations of 1912 will be held in the week beginning June 17, in the same order as in June 1911.