Winter Carnival Entries Close at 6

Entries for the winter track carnival to be held in Mechanics Hall on Thursday evening close at 6 o'clock tonight, and no entry will be received after that time. Entry blue-books have been placed in Leavitt & Peirce's and the Locker Building.

It has been decided to eliminate the 390-yard handicap race and to substitute in its place a 440-yard scratch race. No "H" men will be allowed to compete in this event although it will be open to all other members of the University. All men who have entered in the 390-yard race will be considered as entered in the 440 unless their names are scratched today.

This addition makes the complete list of events as follows: interclass relay race--each team to consist of fifteen men, each man to run two laps, a race between the University 390-yard relay team and the B. A. A. team, 40-yard dash, 45-yard high hurdles, 45-yard low hurdles, 1000-yard run, 440-yard scratch, sack race, running high jump, and 12-pound shot-put. Besides these events there will be several bouts of wrestling, fencing, and an exhibition of duelling.

Tickets for the carnival may be had at the office of the Athletic Association, Leavitt & Peirce's, and Wright & Ditson's. Prices of these are 50 cents, $1, and $1.50.