Twelve Retained in Debate Trials

At the second trials for the University debating teams to representing Harvard in the triangular debate with Yale and Princeton on April 3, held in New Lecture Hall last evening, the following twelve men were retained: on the affirmative--H. B. Ehrmann '12, B. S. Pouzzner sC., C. B. Randall '12, M. Suravitz '12, F. E. Tyler 1L., C. A. Woodward '12; on the negative--H. H. Breeland uC., E. R. Burke 3L., C. S. Collier '11, J. DeM. Ellis 3L., D. C. Howard 1G., W. K. Royal 3L.

The final trials will be held in New Lecture Hall Saturday, March 4, at 3 o'clock and 7 o'clock. At that time each man will be allowed twelve minutes for his main speech and five minutes for rebuttal on the question, "Resolved, That all elective state officers should be nominated by direct primaries." Six men will be retained to compose the two University teams.