Musical Clubs' Pop-Concert at 9

The University Musical Clubs will give a pop night in the Living Room of the Union, this evening at 9 o'clock. Only members of the Union will be admitted. Small tables will be placed about the room and light refreshments served during the evening. The program is as follows: PART I. 1. Selections from "The Arcadians," Monckton & Talbot, arr. by Rice (Permission of Chappell & Co., Ltd.) Mandolin Club. 2. (a) Johnny Harvard.  (b) The Old Man in a Tree, Lang Glee Club. 3. Intermezzo,  Arr. by Rice Banjo Club. 4. Intermezzo from "Naila" (Delibes),  Arr. by Rice Mandolin Club. 5. Soldiers' Chorus from "Faust,"  Gouno Glee Club. PART II. 6. Big Chief Markatawkawawkawawa,  Rice Banjo Club. 7. Searf Dance  Chaminade, arr. by Rice Mandolin Club. 8. Annie Laurie,  Arr. by Giebel Glee Club Quartet. 9. Quintet,  Selected Banjo Club. 10. Fair Harvard,  Gilman 1811 Glee Club.