Drawings for Today's Golf Matches

Out of 22 competitors in the qualifying round of the individual golf championship of the University, played over the Woodland golf course, Monday, the following men made the 16 lowest scores and have drawn for today's play: F. T. Clark '12 vs. A. M. Crosby 1G., B. W. Estabrook '14 vs. F. Sargent '14, C. Amory '12, vs. J. G. McNeil '12, F. Davidson '12 vs. E. S. Giles '13, W. V. Booth '13 vs. T. A. E. Harris '11, P. M. Smith '11 vs. F. C. Baker 1G.S., C. S. Weeks '14 vs. C. Judson '14, D. C. Nugent, Jr., '11 vs. T. H. Frothingham '12.