Harvard Men in Europe This Summer

Explanation: a, members of party; b, bankers; c, date of sailing and name of steamer; d, landing place, c, itinerary.

1a.--a. Ainsworth, P. sC. b. American Express Co. c. Sept. 15. d. Naples. c. Rome for Sept., Oct., and Nov. f. Aug., 1912.

1.--a. Allen, Edward S. '09. b. Baring Bros. c. "Chicago," June 24. d. Havre. c. Munich for July.

2.--a. Arnold, Allen, and Kendall, T. R. '12. b. American Express. c. Boston. "Bohemian," June 24. d. Liverpool. c. London, July 6-9; Paris, July 10-13; Brussels and Antwerp, July 14-19; Amsterdam, July 19-20; Heidelberg, July 25; Lucerne, July 27-30; Interlaken, Aug. 1-13; Charmanix, Aug. 5-7; Milan, Aug. 12; Venice, Aug. 15-18; Florence, Aug. 20-22; Rome, Aug. 24-27; Naples, Aug. 28-29. f. Naples, "Cretic," Sept. 2.

3.--a. Ayer, F., Jr., '11. b. American Express Co. c. New York, "St. Paul," June 24. d. Plymouth. e. Track meet, July 12.

4.--a. Benehley, R. C. '12, and Ver Planck, P. '11. c. New York, "Caronia," July 1. d. Liverpool. e. London, July 10-12; Amsterdam, July 14; Cologne, July 16; Munich, July 20-23; Innsbruck, July 29; Cantina, July 31; Meran, Aug. 7; Lucerne, Aug. 14-17; Geneva, Aug. 23; Paris, Aug. 24-30; f. Cherbourg, "Olympic," Aug. 30.

5.--a. Blanchard, C. B. '14, Clark, F. S. Jr., '14 and Dunham, A. L. '14, b. American Express Co. c. June 21, "Oceanic." d. Cherbourg. e. Paris, till July 10; Black Forest for three weeks; Bavarian Tyrol for three weeks; Paris, Sept. 12. f. Cherbourg, Sept. 13.

6.--a. Blodgett, W. "11, Brightman, H. '11 and Lincoln, N. '13. b. American Express Co. c. "Canadian," July 8. d. Liverpool. c. England, Switzerland, N. Italy, and Paris. f. Liverpool, about Sept. 1.

7.--a. Booth, Lloyd '12. b. American Express Co. c. New York, "Oceanic," June 21. d. Cherbourg. e. Paris, June 28-July 1; Vienna, Budapest and Munich. f. Hamburg, Aug. 17, "Kaiserin Augusta Victoria."

8.--a. Boyden, E. A. '09. b. American Express Co. c. July 26, "Olympic." d. Plymouth. e. Plymouth, London, Cambridge, Aug. 2-8; Belgium and Holland, Aug. 8-18; Bayreuth and Munich, Aug. 18-25; University of Freiburg, Baden, Aug. 25-July, 1912. f. Genoa, Aug., 1912.

9.--a. Brightman, H. "11, see No. 6.

10.--a. Brown, L. L. '10, and Davis, G. C. 1G. b. American Express Co. c. "Winifredian," July 1. d. Liverpool. e. York, July 10-17; Glascow, Edinboro, Durham, July 17-Aug. 5; Wales and Oxford, Aug. 5-26; and London. f. Southampton, Aug. 26.

11.--a. Browne, W. M. '13. b. Brown Bros. c. New York, "Lusitania," June 21. d. Liverpool. e. London, July 2-6; Paris, July 8-10; Bremen, July 15-18; Berlin, July 19-20; Lucerne, July 23; Interlaken, July 25; Paris, Aug, 2-6. f. Havre, Aug. 7.

12.--a. Chandler, A. R. 2G. b. American Express Co., Paris. c. Aug. 12, "Canopic." d. Naples. e. Naples, Aug. 24-29; Rome, Aug. 30-Sept. 4; Florence, Sept. 5-9; Venice, Sept. 10-14; Milan, Sept. 15; Lugano, Sept. 16-20; Lucerne, Sept. 21-25; Basel, Strassburg, Mainz, Koln, Sept, 26-30; Berlin, Oct. 25-March 1.

13.--a. Cisco, J. J., '14. B. American Express Co. C. July 6. d. Southampton. c. England until July 20; Germany and Switzerland, July 20-Aug. 25: Paris, Aug. 26-Sept. 2. f. Cherbourg or Havre, Sept. 4.

14.--a. Clark, F. S., Jr., '14, see No. 5.