Harvard Men in Europe This Summer

Explanation: a, members of party; b, bankers; c, date of sailing and name of steamer; d, landing place, c, itinerary.

1a.--a. Ainsworth, P. sC. b. American Express Co. c. Sept. 15. d. Naples. c. Rome for Sept., Oct., and Nov. f. Aug., 1912.

1.--a. Allen, Edward S. '09. b. Baring Bros. c. "Chicago," June 24. d. Havre. c. Munich for July.

2.--a. Arnold, Allen, and Kendall, T. R. '12. b. American Express. c. Boston. "Bohemian," June 24. d. Liverpool. c. London, July 6-9; Paris, July 10-13; Brussels and Antwerp, July 14-19; Amsterdam, July 19-20; Heidelberg, July 25; Lucerne, July 27-30; Interlaken, Aug. 1-13; Charmanix, Aug. 5-7; Milan, Aug. 12; Venice, Aug. 15-18; Florence, Aug. 20-22; Rome, Aug. 24-27; Naples, Aug. 28-29. f. Naples, "Cretic," Sept. 2.

3.--a. Ayer, F., Jr., '11. b. American Express Co. c. New York, "St. Paul," June 24. d. Plymouth. e. Track meet, July 12.

4.--a. Benehley, R. C. '12, and Ver Planck, P. '11. c. New York, "Caronia," July 1. d. Liverpool. e. London, July 10-12; Amsterdam, July 14; Cologne, July 16; Munich, July 20-23; Innsbruck, July 29; Cantina, July 31; Meran, Aug. 7; Lucerne, Aug. 14-17; Geneva, Aug. 23; Paris, Aug. 24-30; f. Cherbourg, "Olympic," Aug. 30.

5.--a. Blanchard, C. B. '14, Clark, F. S. Jr., '14 and Dunham, A. L. '14, b. American Express Co. c. June 21, "Oceanic." d. Cherbourg. e. Paris, till July 10; Black Forest for three weeks; Bavarian Tyrol for three weeks; Paris, Sept. 12. f. Cherbourg, Sept. 13.

6.--a. Blodgett, W. "11, Brightman, H. '11 and Lincoln, N. '13. b. American Express Co. c. "Canadian," July 8. d. Liverpool. c. England, Switzerland, N. Italy, and Paris. f. Liverpool, about Sept. 1.

7.--a. Booth, Lloyd '12. b. American Express Co. c. New York, "Oceanic," June 21. d. Cherbourg. e. Paris, June 28-July 1; Vienna, Budapest and Munich. f. Hamburg, Aug. 17, "Kaiserin Augusta Victoria."

8.--a. Boyden, E. A. '09. b. American Express Co. c. July 26, "Olympic." d. Plymouth. e. Plymouth, London, Cambridge, Aug. 2-8; Belgium and Holland, Aug. 8-18; Bayreuth and Munich, Aug. 18-25; University of Freiburg, Baden, Aug. 25-July, 1912. f. Genoa, Aug., 1912.

9.--a. Brightman, H. "11, see No. 6.

10.--a. Brown, L. L. '10, and Davis, G. C. 1G. b. American Express Co. c. "Winifredian," July 1. d. Liverpool. e. York, July 10-17; Glascow, Edinboro, Durham, July 17-Aug. 5; Wales and Oxford, Aug. 5-26; and London. f. Southampton, Aug. 26.

11.--a. Browne, W. M. '13. b. Brown Bros. c. New York, "Lusitania," June 21. d. Liverpool. e. London, July 2-6; Paris, July 8-10; Bremen, July 15-18; Berlin, July 19-20; Lucerne, July 23; Interlaken, July 25; Paris, Aug, 2-6. f. Havre, Aug. 7.

12.--a. Chandler, A. R. 2G. b. American Express Co., Paris. c. Aug. 12, "Canopic." d. Naples. e. Naples, Aug. 24-29; Rome, Aug. 30-Sept. 4; Florence, Sept. 5-9; Venice, Sept. 10-14; Milan, Sept. 15; Lugano, Sept. 16-20; Lucerne, Sept. 21-25; Basel, Strassburg, Mainz, Koln, Sept, 26-30; Berlin, Oct. 25-March 1.

13.--a. Cisco, J. J., '14. B. American Express Co. C. July 6. d. Southampton. c. England until July 20; Germany and Switzerland, July 20-Aug. 25: Paris, Aug. 26-Sept. 2. f. Cherbourg or Havre, Sept. 4.

14.--a. Clark, F. S., Jr., '14, see No. 5.

14a.--a. Collier, C. S. '11. c. July 15, "Arabic." d. Liverpool c. N. England, July 23-30; London, Aug. 1-7; Paris, Aug. 9-17; Interlaken, Switzerland, Aug. 17-25; Upper Rhine, Aug. 25-30; Holland, Sept. 1-5; Belgium, Sept. 5-10; Rural France, Sept. 10-16. f. Cherbourg, Sept. 16.

15.--a. Crocker, L. "11. b. Brown Shipley, 123 Pall Mall, London. c. "Franconia," July 25. d. Liverpool. c. England, France, Germany, Austria. f. Cherbourg, Sept. 15. "Kaiserin Augusta Victoria."

16.--a. Davis, G. C., 1G., see No. 10.

17.--a. Day, K. B. 1G.B., Kimball, S. F. '09, Eliot, F. M. '11. b. American Express Co. c. July 1, "Winifredian." d. Liverpool. e. London, July 25; Paris, Aug. 5; Venice, Sept. 15; Rome. Oct. 1; Palermo, Oct. 25; Athens, Nov. 3; Constantinople, Nov. 10; Budapest, Nov. 15; Vienna, Munich, the Rhine, Berlin, Hamburg, until Dec. 10. f. Liverpool, Dec. 15.

18.--a. Ducasse, C. J. 1G. e. Bordeaux, July 15-Sept. 15. Address: 30 Rue Croix de Seguey.

19.--a. Dunham, A. L. '14, see No. 5.

20.--a. Easley, O. R. 1G., and Koltz, T. F. 1G. b. American Express Co. c. June 24. d. Manchester. e. London, Rotterdam, Cologne, Mainz, Frankfort, Leipzig, Jena, Weimar, Heidelberg, Marburg, Aug. 3-21. f. Hamburg or Bremen.

21.--a. Eliot, F. M. '11, see No. 17.

22.--a. Fuller, W. P. '10. b. Morgan Harjes & Co., Paris, France.

23.--a. Greene, W. C. '11. c. First week of Sept., from Boston. d. Liverpool. e. Travelling in England during Sept. Address after Oct. 1, Balliol College, Oxford.

24.--a. Hackes, E. L. '14. b. Galland & Co., 2 Rue de Bourg, Lausanne, Switzerland. c. June 24, "Kaiserin Augusta Victoria. d. Cherbourg. e. French Switzerland whole summer or Normandy., f. Cherbourg, Sept. 6 or 12.

15.--a. Hagedorn, Hermann, Jr. e. Nieder-wolluf, Germany.

26.--a. Harris, W. B. '13. b. Brown, Shipley Co., 123 Pall Mall, London. c. June 22, "Frederich Wilhelm." d. England. e. England, July 1-21; Holland, July 21-31; Germany, Aug. 1-15; Switzerland, Aug. 15-Sept. 15. f. Cherbourg, Sept. 16, "Frederich Wilhelm."

27.--a. Hartwell, H. H. '13, Hubbard, R.K., '13, and Needham, D. '13. B. American Express Co. c. "Iberian," June 24. d. Manchester. e. London, July 4; Amsterdam, July 6; Antwerp, July 7; Cologne, July 8; Paris, July 9.

28.--a. Hirsch, M. 1L., and A. E. Manheimer 2L. b. Thos. Cook & Sons, Paris. e. New York, June 24. d. Havre. e. Paris, July 3-16; Switzerland, July 17-31; Florence and Venice, Aug. 3-14; Munich, Aug. 17-23; London, Sept. 9-18. f. Liverpool, Sept. 19.

29.--a. Hodgdon, W. C. '11, and Kenyon, T. S. '11. b. American Express Co. c. "Caronia," July 1. d. Liverpool. e. England in July; Germany and Switzerland in Aug.; France in early Sept. f. Liverpool, Sept. 12.

30.--a. Hubbard, R. K. '13, see No. 27.

31.--a. Ju, J. H. 1G. c. "Cedric," June 24. d. Southampton. e. London, July 2-15; Paris and Switzerland 16-29; Berlin, July 30-Aug. 12; Moscow, Aug. 13-16; to China by Trans-Siberian R. R., Aug 17.

32.--a. Kendall, T. R. '12, see No. 2.

33.--a. Kenyon, T. S. "11, see No. 29.

34.--a. Kimball, S. F. 2G.S., see No. 17.

35.--a. Kurtz, W. F. 21., Leavitt, P. H. 1M., and Myers, J. S. 1L. b. American Express Co., and Lee. Higginson Co. c. "Hamburg," June 27. d. Genoa. e. Leavitt: Switzerland during July; Paris, Aug. 1-15; London, Aug. 16-26. Myer and Kurtz: Switzerland till Aug. 1; Paris, Aug. 1-Sept. 16. f. Liverpool.

36.--a. Kotz, T. F. 1G., see No. 20.

37.--a. Leavitt, P. H. 1M., see No. 35.

37a.--a. Leviseur, F. J. '13. b. Baring Bros. c. "Kaiserin Augusta, Victoria," June 24. d. Plymouth. e. British Isles, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy. f. Cherbourg, Sept. 14.

38.--a. Lincoln, N. '13 see. 6.

39.--a. Manheimer, A. E. 2L., see No. 28.

39a.--a. McKinney, E. L. '12. b. Midland Limited, Threadneedle street, London. c. "Caronia," July 1. d. Fishguard. e. London, July 8-13; Paris, July 26-30; Geneva, Aug. 1-2; Interlaken, Aug. 5-6; Lucerne, Aug. 8-9. f. Liverpool, "Mauretania," Aug. 12.

40.--a. Munroe, J. '13. b. Munroe & Co., Paris. c. Rotterdam, June 27. d. Plymouth. f. Cherbourg, Sept, 13.

41.--a. Myers, J. S. 1L., see No. 35.

42.--a. Needham, D. '13, see No. 27.

43.--a. Onderdonk, A. J., Jr., 1L. b. Pichler & Schuck, Vienna. d. Cherbourg. e. Paris, July 15; Lucerne, July 15-Aug. 5; San Moritz, Aug. 6-26; Vienna, Sept. 1-15. f. Rotterdam, "New Amsterdam," Sept. 16.

43a.--a. Ordway, W. 10. b. Brown, Shipley, London. c. "Marquette, July 7. d. Antwtrp. e. Rhine, Switzerland, Milan, Venice, Lucerne, Paris, London, Salisbury, Oxford, Stratford, Liverpool. f. Liverpool, Sept. 16.

44.--a. Osgood, A. M. '11. b. American Express Co. c. Montreal, "Teutonic," July 1. d. Liverpool. e; London to July 10; Holland, Rhine, arriving in Switzerland July 24; Paris, Aug 7-20. f. Liverpool, "Canada," Aug 26.

45.--a. Parker, C. S. '12. b. American Express Co. c. "Numidian," June 23. d. Glascow. e. London, July 5-3, Paris, July 9-30; Brussels, Antwerp, The Hague, Amsterdam, Cologne to Aug. 5; the Rhine, Heidelberg, Freiburg to Aug 10; Munich, Aug. 13-16; Weimar, Aug 20-23; Leipzig, Aug 24-26; Dresden, Aug. 27-30; Berlin, Aug. 31-Sept. 7; Hamburg, Sept. 8-9. f. Hamburg, "president Lincoln," Sept. 9.

46.--a. Pitman, H. M. 1L. b. Coutts & Co., 440 Strand, London. c. "Olympic," June 28. d. Cherbourg. e. Paris, July 6-7; canoe trip through Provence on the Rhone and the Garonne, arriving at Bordeaux July 7 and staying till July 30; England and Norway, in Aug.; Berlin, Sept. 1; Hamburg, Sept. 9-15. f. Bremen, "Prince Wilhelm," Sept. 16.

47.--a. Putnam, J. J. Jr., '12, b. Brown, Shipley & Co., London. c. "Numidian,' June 23. d. Glascow. e. Scotland, July 3-15; England, July 15-Aug. 1; Holland, Aug. 1-5; France. Aug. 5-20; Switzerland, Aug. 20-30; North Italy, Sept. 1-9. f. Genoa, Sept. 9.

48.--a. Rice, W. G., Jr., '14. b. Morgan, Harjes & Co., 31 Boulevard Haussermann, Paris. c. June 20, d' "Noordam.." d. Rotterdam. e. The Hague, June 30-July 5; Bruges, Koln, Coblenz, Trier, Bourges, July 5-15; Ponts Abbie (Brittany), July 15-17; Quinper, St. Malo, Paris, Calais, July 17-30; Dover, Canterbury, York, Edinburg, Scotch Lakes, English Lakes.

Liverpool, July 30-Aug. 10 f. Liverpool, Aug. 10, "Baltic."

49.--a. Ripley, H. B. H. '12; Ripley J. H. 14. b. Credit Lyonnais, Paris. c. "Kaiser Wilhelm II," Aug. 7. d. Cherbourg. e. Paris and Southern France. f. Cherbourg, Sept. 18.

50.--a. Ripley, J. H. '14, see No. 49.

51.--a. Schwartz, J. 2L. c. June 24, "Kaiserin Augusta Victoria," d. Hamburg. e. Berlin, July 3-10; Vienna, July 11 (stay indefinite); Jassy, Roumania, Venice, Paris Brussels, London, Sept 10. f. Southampton, Sept. 17.

52.--a. Simon, H. T. '14, b. Baring Bros. & Co. Limited, London. c. June 20, "Zeeland." d. Liverpool.

53.--a. Smith, L. D. '12. b. H. S. Hall, Munro & Co. e. Hotel Kuhn, San Moritz, Switzerland.

54.--a. Smith, P. H. '11. b. American Express Co. c. July 8, Canadian. d. Liverpool. e. England, July 18-Aug. 1; Holland and Germany, Aug. 1-15; Munich and Switzerland, Aug. 15-Sept. 1; Italy, Sept. 1-30; France, Oct. 1-20; Paris, Oct. 10-20. f. Antwerp.

55.--a. Smith, R. H. 1G. b. Baring Bros. c. "Princess Irene," July 1. d. Naples. e. Naples, July 14; Switzerland, Aug. 1; Paris, Aug. 20; London in Sept. f. London, Sept. 12.

56.--a. Stebbins, J. L. '12. c. June 20, "Oscar II." d. Copenhagen. e. Copenhagen, July 2-6; Cork, July 10-12; Limerick, July 15-Aug. 31.

57.--a. Stewart, B. E. '14. b. Munroe & Co. c. July 5, "Mauretania." d. Liverpool. e. London, July 6; Paris, July 15; Longehamps, Chantilly, Goodwood. f. Liverpool, Sept. 9.

58.--a. Thorne, F. S. '13. b. Bureau of University Travel, Trinity Place, Boston. c. June 24, "Cretic." d. Naples, July 7. e. Azores, July 1-3; Gibraltar, July 4-6; Italy, July 7-Aug. 9; Switzerland, Aug. 10-13; France, Aug. 14-24; England and Scotland, Aug. 30-Sept. 19. f. Southampton, Sept. 20.

59.--a. Thwing, F. B. '13. b. Parvis Bank, Bartholomew Lane, London. c. June 27, "Franconia." d. Liverpool. e. England, Switzerland. f. Liverpool, Aug. 29, "Arabic."

60.--a. Totton, F. M. '12. b. Farmers' Loan and Trust Co., London and Paris. c. June 24, "Bohemian." d. Liverpool. e. London, July and Aug.; Paris, Sept. 5; Berlin, Sept. 10. f. Liverpool, Sept. 20.

61.--a. Tunis, J. R. '14. b. Brown, Shipley & Co. c. July 1, "Teutonic" from Montreal. d. Liverpool. e. London till Aug. 1; Paris, Aug. 1-15; Florence, Rome, Aug. 6-19; Nice, Monte Carlo, Paris, Aug. 20-Sept. 14. f. Liverpool, Sept. 20.

62.--a. Ver Planck, P. '11, see No. 4.

62a.--a. Wendell, P. L. '13. b. Brown Bros., London. c. "Oceanic," July 18. d. Paris. e. Switzerland. f. Sept. 15.

62b.--a. Wetzel, H. E. '11. b. Coutts & Co., 440 Strand, London. c. "Mauretania," July 5. d. Liverpool. e. England, Scotland, and Wales. f. Liverpool, Aug. 8.

63.--a. Willetts, W. A. '14. b. Morgan, Harjes Co., 31 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France. c. June 22, "Prince Frederic Wilhelm." d. Bremen, Germany. e. Touring through Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and England. f. Southampton, Sept. 20, "Kaiser Wilhelm II."

64.--a. Withington, P. R. '12. Track Team. b. American Express Co., London. c. June 24. c. England. f. Sept. 12, "The Zeeland."

65.--a. Wright, R. W., Jr., '13. c. July 25, "Franconia." d. England. e. London and Paris. f. England, Aug. 9, "Franconia.