Instructions to Class Day Ushers

All ushers and assistant head ushers are expected to report this morning at 9.15 o'clock at the Athletic Association Office for badges and final instructions. It is absolutely necessary that every usher have a badge. All assistant head ushers are on duty in the Yard from 1.15 to 3 o'clock and in the evening from 10 to 11 o'clock. At 1.20 P. M. all ushers report at headquarters in front of University Hall to clear the Yard. Between 1.30 and 11 o'clock each usher will be detailed to a gate for one hour and will be in charge of the gate during that time, being responsible to the assistant head usher. The Class Day Committee headquarters are between Hollis and Harvard Halls.

A complete list of ushers was published in yesterday's CRIMSON. All Juniors who received invitations to usher are urged to consult this list as to time of service, etc.