Meyer Replaced Balch at Bow

Harvard Training Quarters, Red Top, Conn., June 21, 1911.--A change in the University eight was made necessary this evening when Balch again injured his knee which has given trouble several times before. His place at bow was taken by Meyer who had been at two in the four. Balch will probably return to the boat tomorrow if no complications set in about the knee-cap. Trumbull took Meyer's place. The two eights paddled over to the start through very rough water and were given a one-half mile brush. Both crews maintained a high stroke, reaching 40 to the minute. The University eight let the Freshmen by two lengths in fast time aided by wind and tide.

Time Trial for Yale Crews.

Yale Crew Quarters, Gales Ferry, Conn., June 21, 1911.--The Yale University and freshman eights were given a time trial over the two mile course this afternoon. With a strong tide and wind behind them the University eight covered the distance in the good time of 10 minutes and 8 seconds, defeating the freshmen by two and a half lengths.