Senior Class Occupations

The following is a list of the Senior class, with the occupations which they will severally take up after leaving College.

Abbott, F. P. law.

Abren, P. S. undecided.

Ach, E. M., wholesale millinery.

Aiken, C. P. author.

Allen, E. A. student.

Allen, M. C. medicine.

Allen, R. M. fruit growing.

Allen, T. T., business.

Anderson, A., engineering.

Anderson, J. K., teaching.

Adams, M. I., business.

Appleton, H. S., undecided.

Andrews, V., cloth commission house.

Angell, E., law.

Astrin, A. medicine.

Ayer, F., Jr. business.

Aub, J. C., medicine.

Auten, H. L., banker.

Bagnall, R. E., landscape architect.

Bailey, II. S., undecided.

Baird, C. Jr., law.

Babcock, P. H., business.

Baker, L. H., business.

Baldwin, N., banking.

Barber, T. H. law.

Barber, W. H., teaching.

Barker, A. D., law.

Barker, W. B., engineering.

Barnard, K. H., chemistry.

Barnes, J. C., Y. M. C. A.

Barton, D. C., geology.

Barton, H. D., architect.

Baskin, M., engineering.

Bates, R. W., Piano business.

Beach, W. G., undecided.

Beal, H. W., architecture.

Beal, W, DeF., cotton business.

Beane, A., business.

Bemis, E. A., teaching.

Blaine, J. G., 3d, business.

Blair, P., law.

Bliss, T. H., journalism.

Blodgett, S. B., broker.

Blodgett. W. K., 2d, agriculture.

Borst, H. V., law.

Bosson. C., law.

Bomoncle, L. H., teaching.

Boynton, H. F., broker.

Braley, A. L., law.

Brehaut, H. N., chemistry.

Brightman, H., business.

Brodsky, H., law.

Brooks, H. M., statistician.

Brotchie, E. A., engineering.

Brown, H. B., architecture.

Brown, H. C., undecided.

Browne, W. P., agriculture.

Brownell, B., philosophy.

Brunel, R., engineering.

Bunker, P. H., law.

Burden, C. G., architecture.

Burnham, F. M., banking.

Burrage, C. D., Jr., business.

Burrage, R., mining.

Bush, H. K., undecided.

Butler, B. T., undecided.

Butler, J. A., business.

Butler, M. cotton manufacturer.

Byerly, F. P., undecided.

Caldwell, S. M., accountant.

Cammach, H., broker.

Carlisle, A. D., undecided

Carr, J. P., business.

Caro. H., medicine.

Carstairs, J. S., student.

Caunt. W. H., undecided.

Cawley, S., journalism.

Chadwick, O. M., undecided.

Chamberlin, E. M., teaching.

Chamichian, A. H., teaching.

Chandler, R. A., lecturer.

Chapin, L. H. P., law.

Chase, D. A., business.

Chase, G. W., business.

Child, H. B., journalism.

Clark, H. C., law.

Clark, K. McR., forestry.

Clark, W. L., manufacturing.

Clarke, W. W., law.

Cleaves, E. N., medicine.

Clement, J. K., undecided.

Cline, S., medicine.

Clough, B. C., teaching.

Cobb, C. K., Jr., undecided.

Coburn, N. F., teaching.

Coe, R. H., manufacturing.

Coldwell, A., G., teaching.

Color, W. N., 3d, engineering.

Collier, C. S., law.

Collier, C. W., business.

Concannon, C. C., chemistry.

Cook, W. W., author.

Coolidge, T. T., 3d., artist.

Cooper, B. B., Jr., railway post office.

Cooper. T. P., undecided.

Corbett, H. F., banking.

Corcoran, M., business.

Coryell, H. V., teaching.

Costello, P. E., law.

Cotting, C. E., Jr., banking.

Cox E. B., Jr., business.

Cox, M. W., chemistry.

Crawford, F. E., teaching.

Crocker, L., law.

Cropyn, G. W., student.

Crosbie, R., business.

Crosby, A. M., undecided.

Cummings, J. A., chemistry.

Cunningham, F., business.

Cunningham, F., Jr., undecided.

Curtis, H. N., manufacturing.

Cushing, L. H., teaching.

Cushman, L., law.

Cutler, D. F., lumber business.

Dana, A., agriculture.

Davis, H. L., engineering.

Day, K. B., business.

Deane, F. J., law.

Dee, N. B., teaching.

Dennis, W. A., agriculture.

Devine, B. F., medicine.

Dick, E. R., Jr., banking.

Dickson, J. D., medicine.

Dillingham, W. P., law.

Donnell, H. E., teaching.

Donovan, F. D., engineering.

Doolittle, E. B. S., law.

Dow, O. C., law.

Doyle, H. G., student.

Drew, F. L., teaching.

Drew, L. E., undecided.

Ducey, J. J., engineering.

Dumas, A. M., business.

Dunlap, C. E., mining.

Dunning, R. P., student.

Dunham, C. A., law.

Durant, K., undecided.

Eastman, W., student.

Eisner, J. L., manufacturing.

Eliot, F. M., ministry.

Ellis, D. H., salesman.

Ellis, E. W., cotton manufacturing.

Elliot, J., law.

Elliott, J. H., railroading.

Emerson, L. D., manufacturing.

d'Este, J. L., manufacturing.

Evans, H. R. A., student.

Everett, F. D.; student.

Fales, DeC., law.

Faunce, H. A., business.

Fein, H., Medicine.

Feinberg, A., engineering.

Felker, E. P., law.

Field, F. F., Jr., manufacturing.

Findlay, C. W., teaching.

Finkel, J. W., manufacturing.

Finkelstein, D. S., wholesale grocer.

Flanders, L., manufacturing.

Flinner, I. A., teaching.

Floyd. R. C., undecided.

Foley, J. A., medicine.

Forster, H., banking.

Foster, J. M., law.

Foster, L. W., architecture.

Foster, P. H., business.

Foster, R. C., business.

Fox. H. B., real estate.

Fraser-Campbell, W. R., woolen business.

Freedman, R., real estate.

Friedley, D., decorative art.

Frothingham, C. E., Jr., banking.

Fuller, A. D., business.

Garland, K. R., engineering.

Garside, A. H., journalism.

Gilbert, F. W., undecided.

Gillen, J. B., manufacturing.

Gilman, H. H., law.

Glaser, A., law.

Glass, G., Jr., printing.

Glover, G. M., teaching.

Goldberg, L., law.

Goodhuc, L. C., law.

Gordon, M., statistician.

Gove, A. C., accountant.

Gowen, J. F., engineering.

Graves, G. E., architecture.

Green, H., medicine.

Greene, E. G., diplomatic service.

Greene, W. C., student.

Gregg, A., medicine.

Griflin, H. P., advertising.

Gloss, L. W., engineering.

Gunn, A. H., business.

Haar, D., law.

Hafey, F. W., medicine.

Hall, D., broker.

Hall, J. W., engineering.

Hallett, E. B., student.

Hanchett, A. K., medicine.

Hann, C., Jr., law.

Happel, A. D., teaching.

Harding, E., undecided.

Harding, G. R., law.

Harding, J., banking.

Harris, T. A. E., law.

Harvey, A., Jr., manufacturing.

Hatch, R. A., manufacturing.

Hatfield, W. C., teaching.

Hayes, H., architecture.

Hayes, J. J,, teaching.

Haynes, P., forestry.

Heald, P. C., engineering.

Heath, H. H., business.

Hess, R. R., law.

Higgins, L. S., standard oil.

Hobart, P. W., business.

Hodgdon, F. W., Jr., medicine.

Hodgdon, W. C., law.

Holmes, M. I., business.

Holt, R. H., law.

Hooper, R. F., law.

Hopkins, R. S., broker.

Hornblower, R., banking.

Houser, E. O., undecided.

Howard, J. C., medicine.

Howe, F. D., engineering.

Howie, G. D., undecided.

Hoyt, G. B., teaching.

Hoyt, H. L., business.

Hubbard, F. A., engineering.

Hunnewell, S. P., consular service.

Hunt, W., astronomy.

Hunter, K. W., journalism.

Hutchins, E., law.

Huttenbauer, S., manufacturing.

Hyneman, S. C. A., salesman.

Ilfeld, L. L., business.

Iselin, O., merchant.

Jackson, W. S., Jr., law.

Jacobs, S., law.

Janney, J. C., medicine.

Jaques, H., Jr., manufacturing.

Jenkins, L. D., business.

Jewett, A. S., undecided.

Johnson, H. A., lithography.

Johnson, H. B., medicine.

Joseph, I. S., merchant.

Jowett, R. S., undecided.

Joy, H. M., engineering.

Joyce, M. F., engineering.

Judd, G. E., business.

Kay, J. M., Jr., undecided.

Kean, J., 2d. law.

Keese, P., advertising.

Kelley, R. W., business.

Kenyon, T. S., law.

Kimball, E. R., undecided.

King, F., law.

Kittredge, E. H., banking.

Kittredge, H. C., law.

Knauer, H. S., engineering.

Knight, J. C., building construction.

Kunhardt, H. R., merchant.

Ladd, J. W. B., engineering.

Lahee, A. W., teaching.

Lane, T. H., teaching.

Langmaid, B., lumber business.

Lawrence, W. A., ministry.

Lehman, B. H., teaching.

Leonard, J. H., teaching.

Leslie, H. C., student.

Leventall, S., law.

Levey, W. C., undecided.

Levine, M., teaching.

Levine, S. A., medicine.

Lewis, J. K., Jr., business.

Lewis, M. K., business.

Lewis, M. S., undecided.

Lincoln, F. F., agriculture.

Lindsay, B. J., broker.

Lit, D. J., teaching.

Loche, J. F., law.

Long, J. C., real estate.

Loomis, O. E., social service.

Lowell, A. P., law.

Lynch, D. F., law.

Maegowan, R. R., dramatics.

MacGowan, W. L., Jr., teaching.

MacLaughlin, J. A., student.

Magoun, C. E., medicine,

MacNider, H., banking,

Madge, I. R., engineering.

Manly, C. H., engineering.

Mann, R. H., business.

Mariett, P., undecided.

Marshall, W. C., law.

McAllister, O., undecided.

McClelland, W., student.

McConch, G. P., medicine.

McGuirc, C. E., teaching.

McGuirc, J. J., undecided.

McKittrick, T. H., Jr., mercantile.

McLaughlin, C. B., undecided.

Meader, S. G., undecided.

Merrian, H. C., Jr., dentistry.

Merrill, W. E., engineering.

Merrills, F. E., law.

Meserve, H. G., teaching.

Miller, A. L., teaching.

Miller, J. S., Jr., law.

Miller, L. M., engineering.

Miller, P. F., manufacturing.

Miller, W. C., teaching.

Milward, C. L., teaching.

Moody, R. V., teaching.

Moore, L. de B., undecided.

Morgan, J. G. P., ministry.

Morrison, J., engineering.

Morriss, W. S., medicine.

Morse, R. D., banking.

Mortimer, R., Jr., law.

Morton, R. A., Jr., journalism.

Moulton, J. R., teaching.

Mueller, C. O., druggist.

Mundo, H. A., engineering.

Murdoch, J., geology.

Murdoch, R., business.

Myer, W. H., engineering.

Nash, P. C., engineering.

Nash, R. K., engineering.

Neal, A. D., business.

Nugent, D. C., Jr., business.

O'Brien, E. F., Jr., business.

O'Connell, W. J., business.

O'Connor, J. H., engineering.

O'Flaherty, D. V., teaching.

O'Hare, W. G., business.

Ohler, H. E., business.

Osgood, H., 2d. medicine.

Osgood, H. A., medicine.

Otis. E. W., undecided.

Owen. G. F., engineering.

Owen, W. D., architecture.

Parker, F. T., undecided.

Parkman, H. E., undecided.

Patch. D. L., ministry.

Paul, F. W., Jr., law.

Peabody, M. E., student.

Peek, C. R., ministry.

Pell, H. G., student.

Perry, M. R., undecided.

Phoutrides, A. F., teaching.

Poland, J. C., Jr., ministry.

Poole. I., business.

Pooley, J. E., law.

Pope, H. C., manufacturing.

Porter, J. I., architecture.

Post. A. J., teaching.

Putnam, C. W., law.

Quinn, A. L., business.

Rabe, H. W., teaching.

Rauch, G. G., Jr., law.

Rand, M. C., business.

Read, C. A., business.

Read, E. S., architecture. Reed, S. A., engineering.

Rich, S. G., business.

Richter, E. E., law.

Ridcout, H. G., journalism.

Rider, J. S., business.

Rindge, S. K., business.

Robbins, H. W., business.

Robbins, S. D., teaching.

Roberts, A. C., Y. M. C. A.

Robinson, R. M., architecture.

Rogers, W. P., business.

Rose, L. R. law.

Rosenberg, J. L., law.

Ross, H. C., architecture.

Rothenberg, I. S., merchant.

Rowse, R. H., ministry.

Ryan, H. W., business.

Ryan, O., law.

Ryan, W. F., engineering.

Sabine, S. W., undecided.

Sachs, H. J., banking.

Saidel, M., student.

Saleski, R. E., teaching.

Sargent, S. W., manufacturing.

Sasserno, J. H., teaching.

Savery, J. C., playwright.

Schiller, A. R., engineering.

Schmitt, V. G., business.

Scott, G. C., law.

Senior, J. K., chemistry.

Sen, J. C., business.

Shapleigh, S. C., engineering.

Shillito, J., business.

Silverman, A., law.

Simons: S. C., manufacturing.

Slepian, J., teaching.

Smith, A. L., manufacturing.

Smith, A. P., business.

Smith, F. G., undecided.

Smith, H. S., Jr., engineering.

Smith, P. D., teaching.

Smith, P. H., architecture.

Smith, P. M., undecided.

Snedeker, P., law.

Snow, C. D., government bureau.

Sohier, W. D., Jr., law.

Sonimers, H. L., business.

Southworth, N., business.

Spofford, H. H., engineering.

Squibb, E. R., architecture.

Squire, P. C., business.

Staebner, R. C., forestry.

Stampley, L. W., law.

Steel, S. B., business.

Steinhardt, R. M., law.

Stern. F., law.

Sterner, J. W., journalism.

Stevens, A., manufacturing.

Stevens, F. C., Jr., business.

Stiles, H. R., fine arts.

Stiles, J. E., manufacturing.

Stoiber. A. F., business.

Stone, F. H., Jr., medicine.

Storer, J. H. Jr., undecided.

Stricker, E. H., student.

Sullivan, W. P., salesman.

Supple, E. W., teaching

Sweetser, A., undecided.

Sweetser, J. A., undecided.

Taussig, W. G., undecided.

Taylor, C., business.

Taylor, J. R., manufacturing.

Taylor, W. K., law.

Thompson, R. H., banking.

Thompson, R. S., business.

Titcomb, F. R., engineering.

Toll, A., Jr., lumber business.

Tucker, R. S., agriculture.

Tuckerman, B., Jr., business.

Tunis, J. R., undecided.

Turnbull, J. E., architecture.

Twitchell, P. S., teaching.

Van Rensselaer, A. M., engineering.

Ver Planck, P. 2d, business.

Viets, E. L., business.

Viles, B. S., undecided.

Bought, G. T., Jr., law.

Wade, C. W., law.

Waite, A. G., engineering.

Walker, J. M., manufacturing.

Walsh, D. J., Jr., business.

Washburn, L. H., law.

Webber, H. T., agriculture.

Weber, H. H., student.

Webster, W. B. Jr., business.

Wehle, H. B., undecided.

Weil, L., business.

Welch, F. A., business.

Wells, H. C., merchant.

Wemple. C. C., architecture.

Wetzel, H. E., business,

Wheeler, A., law.

Whitclaw, R. B., law.

Whiting, P. W., teaching.

Whitman, A. H., business.

Whitney, R., banking.

Whittier, C. S., business.

Whyte, W. H., railroading.

Wilbur, R. S., engineering.

Wild, P. F., salesman.

Wilhelm, D., journalism.

Williams, A., law.

Willams, G., art.

Williams, R., undecided.

Williams, R. G., engineering.

Wilson, J. H., ministry.

Winship, L. L., undecided.

Winslow, E. H., undecided.

Winsor, E. A., business.

Withington, L., Jr., law.

Wolfman, S., business.

Wolfson, S. L., law.

Wong, C. A., teaching.

Woodward, S., law.

Wooley, F., law.

Wright, E. N., 3d, business.

Wyeth, L. J., Jr., business.

Wyman, L., forestry.

Yamins, N., law.

Young, E. E., business.

Young, F. W., business