The state of affairs which compels the shopkeepers in and about Harvard square to carry twenty per cent, of their accounts through the summer is a disgrace to every Harvard man personally and to the name of the University. Shopkeepers allow credit as a favor, and they are met by indifference and ingratitude. It is difficult to ascribe any real reason for the prevalent carelessness in money matters except that the student who is able to run up a large bill has not come to the full appreciation of the value of credit. Being careless about the manner in which he spends what is his, he is unable to realize that prompt payment is an essential to successful business. As a result Boston concerns are loath to do any business whatever with Harvard men and the reputation of the University is injured. On account of the laxity which is practiced as to payment of bills prices in Cambridge have to be raised and so the careless thoughtlessness of some reflects upon all.