The improvements made in Holworthy Hall and in the South entry of Thayer Hall during the summer are evidence of the most generous co-operation on the part of the College toward the success of the Senior Dormitory movement. In Holworthy a very spacious bath room has been installed for every two suites, the rooms have all been repapered and large closets with drawers have been built into each bed room. The sanitation of the South entry of Thayer has been modernized, thus making the conveniences in all the present Senior dormitories in the Yard comparable with those in the much more expensive private dormitories.

That these costly improvements should have been made in spite of the fact that last year the University was faced by a $50,000 deficit is due in very great measure to the personal interest which President Lowell has taken in the success of the Senior Dormitory movement. It is to be hoped that each year more Seniors will be drawn toward the Yard and that ultimately the Senior class as a body will live within its compass, just as in former days the whole College lived there. If the present policy of modernizing is continued in the remaining buildings certainly the largest barrier will have been removed.