Members of University Choir

The members of the University choir for the coming year are: T. E. Alcorn '13, R. H. Allen '14, G. R. Bunker, 2G., J. H. Coolidge 3G., F. R. Hancock 1G., L. de J. Harvard '15, A. K. Hobby sC., J. Ise 2G., F. E. Kendrie 3G., A. V. Kidder 3G., K. McIntosh '14, M. S. Mattuck '14, W. Noyes '14, A. F. Pickernell '14, H. R. Sanford '13, C. W. Simms '14, K. W. Snyder '15, W. F. Stiles '13, T. W. Swett '15, N. L. Tibbetts '15, I. V. Townsend '15, and W. L. Ustick '13. Practice is to be held at 4.45 o'clock every Monday and Tuesday afternoon throughout the winter in Appleton Chapel under the direction of Dr. A. T. Davison. The music which is sung during both Sunday and week-day services, consists largely of old pieces from 17th and 18th century composers, and can be found in but few other church choirs in the country.