Chess Team in New Haven Tonight

The chess team will play its annual match against Yale in the rooms of the Yale Chess Club, New Haven, this evening at 7.30 o'clock. As a result of the tournament this fall the following ten men have been selected for the team and will make the trip today: H. L. Perrin 1G., of Wellesley Hills; S. S. Seiniger '14, of Boston; B. Winkelman '15, of Philadelphia, Pa.; W. B. Harris '13, of Philadelphia, Pa.; F. P. Beal, And., of Los Angeles, Cal.; J. R. Morton '13, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; L. R. Ford 1G., of Rich Hill, Mo.; F. M. Currier '16, of Winchester; E. R. V. Hurley '13, C. H. Fabens '13, of Williamstown; E. Lange '13, of Leipsic, Germany.