Daily Practice is Held Under Direction of Two Coaches.--Schedule of Meets.

The gymnastic team is holding daily practice in the Hemenway Gymnasium under the direction of F. E. Perkins 1L, a former member of the gymastic team at the University of Pennsylania, and C. L. Schrader, instructor in calisthenics. The following men have been selected and at present comprise the team: Captain R. L. Forbush '13, E. A. Dunker '14, M. F. Gates '15, A. K. Hobbey uC., E. F. Lange uC., R. G. Mcphail '15, J. R. Morton '13., and M. E. Wilde '15.

The schedule has been arranged, subject to the approval of the Athletic Committee, as follows:

February 10 -- Exhibition with Andover at Andover.

February 14--Exhibition at the Cunningham Gymnasium, East Milton.

February 28--Dual meet with Amherst in Hemenway Gymnasium.

March 2--Exhibition at Exeter.

March 6--Exhibition at Waltham Free Reading Room.

March 16--Exhibition in B. A. A. gymnasium.

March 22 -- Intercollegiate meet at Haverford, Pa.