University Team Appears Better Balanced, But Outcome is Uncertain.

The twenty-five annual dual track meet with Yale will be held in the Stadium tomorrow afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. Of the previous meets each college has won ten. Three meets have been held since the new nine-year cup was offered on behalf of the graduates of the two universities. By winning last year Yale made the score on the cup two to Harvard's one, but it seems as though this should be made even tomorrow.

Although Yale has not been regarded as especially strong on the track and in the field this season, the team at New Haven has been improving rapidly during the past fortnight. Still on paper Harvard should have the advantage by a few points, mainly because the University team appears to be better balanced. J. B. Cummings '13, A. L. Jackson '13, and T. O. Freeman '14, the hurdlers, have been improving rapidly during the past week and now seem to have recovered from the injuries which handicapped them at the first of the season. B. M. Preble '12 has been improving in the half-mile and should be in better condition tomorrow than he was against Dartmouth.

Sale of Tickets.

Tickets for the meet are on sale at the Athletic Office, the Co-operative stores, Leavitt & Peirce's, Amee's, and at Wright & Ditson's in Boston. Reserved seats are $1 and $1.50 each, and general admission 50 cents. H. A. A. tickets will admit to parts of the Stadium which are not reserved.