Although that heterogeneous pile, known as Gore Hall, has been maligned severely by almost every student who has had the opportunity to suffer within its "Graeco-Baptist" walls, there are apparently several men who derive special benefits from this abode of learning. Either the Union has lost its charm as a social rendezvous or ten dollars has assumed a great marginal utility, for almost daily there congregate in Gore Hall little groups to hold conversation on all manner of things, from Kant's conception of the Ego to the most effective way to please Instructor X. Although conversation on these subjects may be instructive and interesting for a few, we venture to mention the fact that there are usually men present in the Library who desire to study. During examinations when so many are doing serious work in the Library quiet is absolutely necessary. We therefore suggest that if the men who find Gore Hall such a commodious club for social gatherings must persist in this pleasure, they should obtain permission to meet in the stacks where they will be somewhat less obnoxious.