President Lowell will deliver the Baccalaureate Sermon before the Senior class in Appleton Chapel, tomorrow, at 4 o'clock.

Seniors will assemble in front of Holworthy at 3.30 o'clock, wearing caps and gowns, and will form in columns of two. The procession, led by the Class Day officers and headed by the first marshal and the chairman of the Class Day Committee, will march past Hollis and, crossing the Yard, will pass between Thayer and University to Appleton Chapel. Upon reaching the Chapel, the procession will pass up the main aisle to the front. The marshal and the chairman will then walk down the aisle dividing off the pairs into pews. All will remain standing until the marshal and chairman have returned to their seats. After the service the Seniors will leave in the same order in which they entered.

With the exception of a few seats on the side reserved for officers of the University and their families, who will enter at the door on the north side, the floor will be reserved for Seniors. The entire gallery, however, will be open to the public.

The Baccalaureate Hymn, by J. G. Gilkey '12, will be sung at the service.

The following Juniors who have been chosen to serve as ushers should report at Appleton Chapel tomorrow at 3.30 o'clock: H. N. Baldwin, of West Newton; R. W. Bennett, of Weston; H. B. Gardner, of New York, N. Y.; P. M. Hollister, of Grand Rapids, Mich.; J. B. Langstaff, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; A. J. Lowrey, of Honolulu, Hawail; C. M. Makepeace, of Providence, R. I.; N. E. Paine, Jr., of West Newton; G. N. Phillips, of Middletown Springs, Vt.; P. J. Roosevelt, of New York, N. Y.; S. M. Seymour, of Chatham, N. Y.; A. H. Tomes, of New York, N. Y.; W. Tufts, Jr., of Boston; W. L. Ustick, of St. Louis, Mo.; P. H. Wellman, of Newton Highlands; W. M. E. Whitelock, of Baltimore, Md.