In another column we are issuing a call for candidates who desire to compete for positions on the news and business boards of the CRIMSON. To the men of 1915 having ability along the lines suggested in the article calling for candidates, an opportunity is here offered to participate in practical college newspaper work. Aside from the advantages to be gained in the competition, the members of 1915 should realize that their support in the matter of college publications is absolutely imperative. For this work the CRIMSON does not want candidates who come out merely to dabble in a "college activity", but desires men who realize that the competitions are serious and demand energy, resourcefulness, and real determination to win. Although the competitions are very severe, candidates are expected to maintain a proper standing in their studies in spite of the extra work required of them. As a matter of class pride and spirit the members of 1915 should do their share in supporting the particular undergraduate activity the CRIMSON represents, and it is to be hoped that a large number of Sophomores will report for the competition starting this evening.