What is Going on Today

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

8.45.--Morning prayers by Professor F. G. Peabody '69.

3.00.--*Fall soccer begins on Soldiers Field.

4.00.--*Fall lacrosse begins on Soldiers Field.

4.30.--Faculty of Divinity. Meeting at the Faculty Room, Divinity Library.

4.30.--Seminary of Economics. Meeting for organization in Upper Dane.

7.00-8.00.--Dr. Fitch's Freshman Bible Class, in Parlor, Phillips Brooks House.

7.00.--Pierian Sodality meeting, in Trophy Room of Union.

7.30.--Candidates for CRIMSON news and editorial competitions report at CRIMSON Office.

7.30.--Candidates from 1915 for CRIMSON business competition report at CRIMSON Office.

8.00.--Smoker in Monthly Sanctum, third floor of Union, for literary and business candidates.