Today marks the opening of the much needed and long awaited Stadium Bridge. On November 22, 1912, the work of, demolishing the old bridge was begun, and now, not quite a year from that time, the new structure stands practically completed.

The balusters on the down-stream side of the bridge are not yet in place, nor is the sidewalk on that same side finished, but the main roadway and the northern side of the bridge are already completed and will be open for traffic today. With good weather, this work can easily be finished in a week, and in any case, two weeks will suffice for its completion.

The bridge itself is of reinforced concrete, the trimmings being of granite and brick to correspond to the structure of the wall about Soldiers Field. As the elevated station is also of this character, the whole effect is one of symmetry and beauty. This bridge is said to be the only one in the country where an inlay of bricks is employed solely for decorative purposes.

At each end of the new structure stand two memorial obelisks. The tablets for these have been designed by Larz Anderson but are not yet ready to be put in place.

With the opening of the bridge today, the objectionable features of the crowding and delay caused by the old narrow structure have been done away with.