Soccer Team Drops Close Game

The team of Swedish players from the Prospect Union defeated the University soccer team yesterday afternoon by a score of 1 to 0 in a close but slow and loosely played game. The team did not show much snap or finish; the excellent individual play of Nichols, Kingman, and Carnochan was the redeeming feature from the Harvard point of view.

Captain Anderson of the visiting team made the only score of the game, late in the second half, on a clean shot which Nichols, who had run out to block it, could not intercept. The Prospect Union team played well individually, but could not often get by the Harvard backs.

The University forwards did not display much team-work, and their attack usually weakened near the opposing team's goal. The team has recently been handicapped, by unfavorable weather, and there is much to be done before the Springfield Training School and Princeton games.