First "Pop" on Nov. 20 Will Include Classical and Popular Music.

The Pierian Sodality will give the first Union "Pop" concert on the evening of November 20, the Thursday before the Yale game. The program will include selections from both popular and classical pieces.

For some years past, it has been the policy of the Pierian to break away from the popular and play more of the classical music. This same plan will be followed this year, but more rigorously than last. The entire work of the year is in preparation for the annual spring concert in Sanders Theatre. The present plans are to produce at least one manuscript by a Harvard man at that time, and the organization will gladly receive compositions from either graduates or undergraduates. The Pierian offers an exceptional opportunity for anyone who wishes orchestral experience in playing one or more instruments. Further information may be had by applying to E. H. Barry '15, Fairfax 32.