Sum of $2883 Has Been Secured, Putting 1917 in Second Place.

The Freshmen are now beginning to respond to the appeal for contributions for the new gymnasium. They have already surpassed the totals made by the classes of 1913, 1914, and 1915, and are well on their way towards the mark of $3241 held by the Sophomores. The standing of the classes to date is: 1916, $3241; 1917, $2883; 1914, $2395; 1915, $2388; 1913, 2046. If the Freshmen can maintain the high standard of the last two days, they will undoubtedly establish a new record. Just 30 per cent of the class have as yet been reached by the collectors and of this number only one man has refused to contribute anything at all. It is the aim of the committee to secure something however small from every man in the class and thus establish a new record also of the percentage of men contributing. This record is now held by the class of 1913 with a percen- tage of 56.5. The collectors and the amounts which they have collected are as follows: S. J. Y. Mann, $285; D. Campbell, $280; C. P. Stewart, $278; H. G. Reynolds, $247; S. Poor, $205; D. G. Lovell, $191; T. Coxe, $186; J. Gazzani, $169; W. T. Barker, $162; P. S. Howe, $145; J. Hubbell, $141; E. S. Clark, $120; P. C. Lewis, $102; M. H. Bird, $100; S. B. Ives, $97; F. Fremont-Smith, $90; W. G. Cummings, $70; O. G. Kirkpatrick, $15.

Upperclassmen are reminded that pledge slips have been placed in Leavitt a Perirce's on which voluntary pledges may be made