Posters are heralding the coming of the Dramatic Club's plays, and Sock and Buskin themselves will soon be here. "Let's Get Married" and "The Three Strangers" were written by Harvard men and will be played by Harvard and Radcliffe students. They are, therefore, truly representative of Harvard. And so the University should give all the encouragement it can to the work of the club. If in past years undergraduates have stayed away from the plays for fear of being bored, we assure them that such a fear has never been realized. If they have been harrowed by the cruel tragedies that have often been on the bills, let them know that this year falls to comedy. And if they are in the ranks of those who would have College dramatics purely masculine in casts, we should suggest that real dramatic tasks cannot be performed by casts in which the heroine resembles rather the blacksmith that the gentlewoman. College talent should not be confined to burlesque. As for the incorrigibles, those cynies who sneer at anything but the professional stage, too often of superficiality, we can say nothing. We hope that this category includes few, and that the other classes will this year give their hearty support.